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How to Remove Fluoride from Water

March 03, 2021

How to Remove Fluoride from Water

In the 1940s, cities and towns throughout the United States began fluorinating their drinking water. They started adding fluoride compounds to water as part of the treatment process, before delivering it to the homes and businesses of those hooked into the municipal water system. It’s been that way ever since.

The reasoning behind fluorinating water has to do with tooth decay. Fluoride is proven to reduce the prevalence of tooth decay in children, and the idea was that adding it to municipal supply would improve oral health and wellness for individuals across the country—especially those without access to routine dental checkups. And it seemed to have worked! The rate of tooth decay and cavities dropped sharply from the 1950s onward.

But evidence suggests that fluoride isn’t what’s responsible for the drop in tooth decay. In fact, there’s new, mounting evidence that fluorinating water might not be as good as we think it is. It may actually be harmful.

The Truth About Fluoride?

In 2015, the Cochrane Collaboration—a global collaboration of independent researchers—turned its attention to fluorinated water. What they found is that studies extoling the virtues of fluorinated water in the 1950s-1970s were deeply flawed. Specifically, they only used data from children—no adults were observed. What that means is that the long-term exposure of fluoride on developing bodies was never truly tested!

The Cochrane Collaboration also noted that studies about the benefits of fluorinated water may also have been tainted by the fact that there was no control for using fluorinated dental hygiene products like toothpaste and mouthwash. The study concludes that our understanding of fluorinated supply is flawed at best and potentially harmful at worst. 

Dangers of Fluoride in Water

In one of the most ironic studies about fluorinated water, overexposure to fluoride can actually result in a condition called dental fluorosis. Where fluoride is expected to protect tooth enamel against decay, dental fluorosis actually speeds up the rate of tooth decay by compromising enamel! It can result in everything from tooth discoloration to excess of cavities. 

One of the other chief dangers of fluoride is neurological problems. In 2014, fluoride was documented as a neurotoxin and found to be highly toxic to children under the age of 10 in large exposures. In the study, it was categorized alongside arsenic and lead in terms of the severity of its toxicology!

There are a broad array of other hazards inexplicably linked to excess fluoride exposure. Some of the most well-researched and prevalent include:

  • Skin irritation, including redness and rash from overly-fluorinated water;
  • Cardiovascular issues, including hypertension and myocardial damage;
  • Reproductive issues, primarily in women;
  • Thyroid dysfunction; and 
  • Conditions affecting the bones and joints. 

The chief problem with fluoride—and the reason such a wide array of conditions are linked to overexposure—is because fluoride depletes calcium. Our bodies rely on calcium for so many physiological and nervous processes. As fluoride levels deplete calcium to a greater and greater degree, it becomes harder and harder on our physiological processes. Joints ache. Bones become weaker. The problems start to add up.

This isn’t to be alarmist! Its unlikely most people will suffer from the high levels of fluorine (+4.0ppm) associated with the development of these conditions. That said, fluorine even in smaller levels could be taking a gradual toll on your body after years and years of consuming it in your municipal supply.  These studies raise the question as to “is it really necessary to INGEST into our bodies just to get fluoride onto our teeth?”

Flouride in Water

How to Best Remove Fluoride from Water

Removing fluorine from water takes a powerful filtration system—more than most off-the-shelf systems can handle. Some whole-home water systems are effective, such as High Pressure reverse osmosis systems and other media filtering systems. The issue is, these systems are often costly and impractical—especially for those in condos or who rent. 

Really, the best way to handle fluorinated water is through a powerful filtering compound, like the Aquaspace® compound. It offers benefits akin to activated charcoal carbon filters, while going above and beyond to remove other unwanted materials from the water. It offers the best bang for your buck, eliminating a full gamut of pathogens and unwanted compounds in addition to the fluoride you’re focused on treating. 

Remove Fluoride and other Contaminants 

If you’re an adult who regularly brushes their teeth, chances are you don’t actually need the fluoride that’s present in your municipal supply. In fact, you might be better off filtering it out! With ties to everything from cancer-causing effects to thyroid problems, there’s a strong likelihood that you’re consuming too much fluoride on an annual basis. It’s time to start filtering it. 

Turn to Aquaspace® filtration systems to remove fluoride from your everyday potable water and give your body a chance to adapt to life without it. Not only will you experience cleaner, fresher, healthier drinking water, you’ll free your body from a chemical dependence it’s had since birth. 

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