NASA Technology

Aquaspace Science

The original AQUASPACE Compound, which is in all our filtration products, is based on information provided by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. In fact, NASA was so impressed with our development and adaptation of their original research, they asked us to testify before the U.S. Congress as an example of the successful transfer of NASA research to commercial applications. 

AQUASPACE Technology vs. Reverse Osmosis & Distillation

Reverse osmosis and Distillation often strip the water of all it’s vital minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium which are essential for good health and can lower the pH value of the water (making it more acidic). AQUASPACE technology will filter out all the unwanted organic and inorganic chemicals, and leave in the essential minerals and does not lower the pH value. Our Compound will allow these minerals to pass through the filter without removal, allowing our customers to drink not only clean water, but HEALTHY water. For further comparison, please read Reverse Osmosis v. Aquaspace.

AQUASPACE Filters vs. Other Brands

Most water filters or purifiers on the market will only address aesthetic problems with water. Meaning they only “filter” problems associated with color, taste, and odor. While this might make the water look, smell, and taste better, it does nothing for the chemicals on the inside. AQUASPACE not only addresses aesthetic problems like color, taste, and odor, but also filters both organic and inorganic materials that are dangerous to your health.

Water from Reverse Osmosis or Distillation will give you clean water but also more importantly, it will strip the water of all its essential minerals. AQUASPACE is the only product on the market that will both remove unwanted chemicals and leave in essential minerals. For more information, please read Other Filters v. Aquaspace.

How it Works

GAC pore structure

The AQUASPACE® Water Treatment Compound consists of a blend carbonaceous materials which have a highly porous structure. These materials may be thermally or chemically activated to produce a surface area of over 2,000 square meters per gram. This incredibly large surface area allows for the water to flow through and the chemicals in your water to adsorb onto the treatment compound. Its pore structure has been controlled to include a broad range of pore sizes: macro pores, transitional pores, and micro pores, which allows for the adsorption of both small and large molecules.

The AQUASPACE Water Treatment Compound is highly uniform in quality.  It is dense, hard and granular in composition.   It is back washable which gives it extended life and its high resistance to abrasion results in minimum losses during back washing and mechanical handling.

Supercharged Molecular Magnet for Contaminants

Good for your Health and your Wallet

Aquaspace Water Filters offer you healthy, great tasting water and are an affordable alternative to costly bottled water. Relying on bottled water as your primary source of water can get expensive, and often times the bottled water isn't much better than the tap! Numerous reports show just how contaminated and acidic bottled water can be. By choosing an Aquaspace filter, you're saving money and the planet from plastic waste and garbage, while also choosing to protecting your family from harmful chemicals.

Bottled water vs filtered water

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