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Here's how we started…

Aquaspace Story

After a successful career as a Navy and Commercial pilot, founder and CEO Michael Pedersen decided to hang up his wings and focus on his passion project – clean water. In the 1980s, at a time when filtered water was just growing in popularity, Michael made it his mission to find a way to get not only clean water, but healthy water. For him this meant two things… taking out the bad and leaving in the good.

What started as a passion, quickly developed into his life’s work. Coming from a strong engineering background, and after years of research, development, and testing, Michael was able to incorporate technology from NASA’s Apollo Program into his first water treatment compound – the AQUASPACE Compound. By charge modifying the carbon, Michael was able to increase it’s potential, removing a wider range of contaminants than regular carbon filters. It was from this original treatment compound that Aquaspace Water Systems was born.

Over the years we’ve gained a loyal following of customers who are just as concerned and passionate about clean water as we are. We’ve expanded on our original formula and boast numerous patents on water filtration technologies and products. We’ve also developed new products for fluoride reduction and raised pH alkaline water at the request of our customers, and continuously strive to make improvements to stay at the forefront of the water filtration industry.

Here's what we believe in...

Over the years our mission remains the same: to remove the widest range of chemicals and contaminants, to retain beneficial minerals that are essential for good health, and to offer our products at an affordable price so that anyone can experience the benefits of truly clean water.

At Aquaspace, we are truly committed to offering the cleanest, healthiest water possible. We believe that poor water quality is one of the biggest threats to our health and society, and unfortunately, municipal treatment facilities and household well systems just aren’t doing enough. Whether it’s fluoridating and over chlorinating your tap water, lead leaching into your pipes, or contaminants entering your well water through run off, these are the issues that keep us up at night. And that’s why every day we are committed to growing our brand to reach as many people as possible, and to remedy water quality issues, one household at a time.

That’s also why every day we strive to educate our customers about the need for clean water, and encourage all our customers, both new and old, to do the same. We love hearing stories about our customers sharing their knowledge and experience using our products with their friends and family. Our customers truly are our greatest brand ambassadors, and we value their steadfast dedication and support.

We hope you share our passion and enthusiasm for clean water, and hope you’ll spread the word about our mission to remedy water quality issues one household at a time.

The Aquaspace Team


We’re not usually one to brag… but in this case, here are three examples of achievements we’re most proud of:

  • The Aquaspace Compound is our original compound developed from NASA technology. In fact, NASA was so impressed with our development and adaptation of their original research, they asked us to testify before the U.S. Congress as an example of the successful transfer of NASA research to commercial applications.
  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency chose the Aquaspace systems for their Washington D.C. Headquarter's child care center.
  • Washington D.C. public school system uses Aquaspace systems for ALL their elementary, middle, high, and charter schools. Aquaspace supplies nearly 4,000 filters for all water fountains and kitchenette sinks to ensure the kids of DC have access to clean, lead-free drinking water. Aquaspace was the only company able to meet DCPS’s ambitious goal of lead reduction. Aquaspace filters reduce lead to <1 part per billion, well below the EPA’s limit of 15 ppb for safe drinking levels.