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Ion™ Compound for Alkalizing, Remineralizing, and Lowered ORP

Alkaline Water Filter Technology

What is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water, also called ionized water, has a higher pH than regular water—generally between 7 and 9.5. Water that’s naturally alkaline occurs when water passes over rocks — like springs — and picks up minerals, which increase its alkaline level. This same level of alkalinity can be achieved through an ionizer.

Alkaline water can help increase energyregulate your body’s pH level, slow the aging process, and even help prevent chronic diseases such as cancer. It also helps to flush acidic waste from our blood and can prevent high acid build up, also known as acidosis.

How it works

Our body is made up of over 75 trillion cells. On average, every month half of these cells will divide —the other half die. These dead cells are acidic waste. A build up of acidic waste in the blood isn’t good, and is associate with a wide variety of chronic diseases. Bicarbonate (HCO3) is what picks up the acidic waste and carries it to our organs for disposal. Bicarbonate is the essential element in regulating our body's pH system. It's what keeps the blood alkaline, and helps remove dead cells (acidic waste).

Unfortunately, medical science has discovered that as we age we lose bicarbonate in our blood. If we do not have enough bicarbonate in our system the body will use calcium instead, taking it from our bones, teeth, and organs to maintain this slightly alkaline state. Drinking alkaline water is the only way to replenish these bicarbonate levels. The bicarbonate production process works like this...

  1. When we drink alkaline water (pH value 9), it travels to our stomach and neutralizes the hydrochloric acid (pH value 3)
  2. When this hydrochloric acid is neutralized it triggers a sensor in our bodies to produce more.
  3. When our bodies produce hydrochloric acid they also produce an equal amount of bicarbonate.
  4. This is the only way our bodies can replenish Bicarbonate levelsOur bodies are not capable of detecting low levels of Bicarbonate, only hydrochloric acid

Therefore, alkaline water is our best chance to help balance the pH in our bodies, produce essential bicarbonates, and reduce acidity in our blood.

Optimum ph for good health

Health Experts Agree:

Sang Whang, researcher and author of "Reverse Aging" and “I’m OK, But What Happened to My BODY?”, “Drinking alkaline water is the cleanest, easiest and most effective method to reduce acids in the body”

Dr. Stefan Kuprowsky, "Acid wastes build up in the body in the form of cholesterol, gallstones, kidney stones, arterial plaque, urates, phosphates and sulfates. These acidic waste products are the direct cause of premature aging and the onset of chronic disease."

"The countless names of illnesses do not really matter. What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause...too much tissue acid waste in the body!" Theodore A. Baroody, ND, Ph.D

Dr. Robert Atkins, the well-known author, health and diet expert, notes: "Just about every condition I can think of, from arthritis to diabetes to cancer, is associated with acidity."

Why Filtered Alkaline Water by Michael Pedersen

Note: When testing the pH of Alkaline Water please use either a calibrated electronic pH test meter or the Aqua ION™ pH Test Kit. The use of pH test strips are unreliable and most often produce inaccurate results!


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