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Point of Entry vs. Point of Use

point of entry water filter

Point-of-Entry systems filter water for your entire house at the moment it enters your home (before traveling through your pipes), so that all water traveling to your bathrooms, sinks, showers, faucets, washer machine, etc., will be filtered water.

Point-of-Use filters water at a faucet, shower, or in a carafe pitcher directly before consumption. It is filtered directly before being used.

Which is better?

Point-of-Entry (POE) is better than Point-of-Use because it filters the chemicals out of the water and prevents them from entering your homes atmosphere. In fact, chemicals such as chloroform and other trihalomethanes can evaporate during use of everyday household appliances like your washer machine, dish washer, toilet, etc and enter your home's air.

Chloroform is a VOC (volatile organic compound) that acts on the central nervous system and is a known carcinogen. Studies show that exposure to waterborne VOC’s such as chloroform is SIX times greater through inhalation and skin absorption than from drinking water directly. VOC’s like chloroform evaporate rapidly from your water during normal household activities such as dish washing, using the garbage disposal, doing the laundry, cleaning, bathing, and flushing the toilet. For example, at normal shower temperatures, 50% of chloroform in water escapes into the air—before the water even reaches the shower floor!

POE systems are the best defense against Volatile Organic Compounds and will help protect you and your family from harmful chemicals released into your homes atmosphere.

In addition to offering you a cleaner household atmosphere, POE systems are simply more convenient than a stand alone pitcher, sink, or shower filter. Whole House Systems offer you fresh, clean water from any tap in your house. You don't have to worry about always walking to the kitchen to get a clean drink of water, any tap will give you the same filtered, chemical-free water.

Learn more about how POE Systems Reduce VOC Risks in this article written by our president Michael Pedersen. 

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