What is Water Filtration and Different Types of Water Filtration Systems?

July 06, 2022

What is Water Filtration and Different Types of Water Filtration Systems?

Water filtration is essential for health, disease prevention, and proper hydration. Our municipal water treatment systems do a good job of retrieving used water and water from the environment and cleaning it up well enough to be sent to homes and businesses for cleaning, sanitation, and personal use. But after the water arrives at our faucets, it is still best to purify it more fully to ensure that contaminants picked up along the way through hundreds of miles of pipe, and materials left over from the industrial water treatment process it undergoes are finally removed.


Home water purification systems come in several different forms and different levels of filtration for different uses. For example, a water softening system mitigates mineral scale from building up in sinks and appliances. It helps us get our dishes sparkling clean and helps our clothing to last longer. Other types of purification systems do other jobs, such as the production of clean and great-tasting drinking water.


Here, we will discuss the various systems for home water purification to help you choose the best system type for you and your family.


What is Water Filtration?

It seems fairly obvious, after all, water filtration just means getting the things we don't want to drink out of the water, right? Well, that is true, but it is a little more complex than that. There is the water purification process that the city does before it sends water to your faucet. There is filtration for shower heads, for outdoor water, for use by appliances, for drinking, and others.


Each type of water filtration is different. The type best used depends on where the water comes from and what it is going to be used for. For drinking water, for example, you want clean, contaminant-free water. But it is okay for drinking water to contain some minerals which can be good for you and even improve the flavor of the water. Water that goes through appliances to make coffee, wash clothes, and dishes on the other hand needs to be softened to prevent scaling.


But these are just two examples. Now, let's take a closer look at the different types of home water filtration.


Four Types of Home Water Filtration

There are at least five types of filters for home use, and they all do different jobs, such as those described above. Here, we are not as concerned about filter types as we are about systems that deliver clean water in different ways for different use cases.


Reverse Osmosis

This highly effective type of filtering process removes chlorine, bacteria, metal particulates, and more. It uses a five-stage filter, and each stage performs a different type of filtration.


Faucet Filtration

This filter type is compact and convenient. Attached to the faucet outlet, it works when you need it to clean water for immediate use. Shower heads and other tap outlets can have similar units.


Whole House Filtration

To provide clean, filtered water to an entire home, this type of system is needed. It can be enhanced with faucet filtration where desired, for robust, propose-driven purification.


Small Pitcher Filtration

These small, gravity-fed filters are ideal for creating water that is ideal for drinking and cooking. Water used here may have passed through all of the filter types described above before being filtered in the pitcher, for the cleanest water you have ever tasted!

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