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What are the Best Water Bottles with Built-In Filters?

February 08, 2021

What are the Best Water Bottles with Built-In Filters?

A high-quality filtered water bottle is one of the best investments you can make, and it’ll pay for itself in an emergency. Even for everyday use, water bottles with built-in filters offer a reliable source of clean water whenever you’re thirsty. The problem is, there are so many different types of bottles out there. What are the best water bottles with built-in filters?

To get the best option—a filtered bottle that guarantees clean, safe water—you’ll need to look closely at a few important factors. 

What Makes a Good Water Bottle with a Built-in Filter?

At Aquaspace, we can’t argue that brand name is important—after all, people recognize Aquaspace by name thanks to our superior technology! That said, more important than a brand name is the science behind it. This is where you need to look when it comes to buying a bottle with a built-in filter. 

Thankfully, you don’t need to be a hydrologic technician or an engineer to understand what makes a bottle filter effective. To prove it, we’ll break down the factors that make a filtered water bottle effective right here!

  • Filter Compound. Also called “filter media,” this is the material the fluid flows through as it’s filtered and purified. There are a wide range of compounds out there, including the patented Aquaspace® Compound.
  • Filter Size. The size of the filter matters because it dictates two important variables. First, it determines the total capacity of the bottle to filter out contaminants. Second, it establishes the flow rate.
  • Contact Time. This is the length of time it takes for a filtration system or water treatment agent to purify potable water. The shorter the contact time of the filter, the quicker it’s able to clean.
  • Flow Rate. This is the rate at which water is able to flow through the filter, determined by the porousness of the media. The less dense a filter is, the quicker it is able to flow through it; more dense means a higher capture rate for pathogens. 
  • Capacity. This is the size of the bottle itself and how many fluid ounces it can hold. Depending on your need for a bottle with a built-in filter, you may prefer a larger option that refills less frequently or a smaller one that’s easier to handle.  

All these variables are important and many of them go hand-in-hand in dictating how effective a filtered bottle is. For example, if you have a bottle with a large filter size, low contact time and a high flow rate, you can expect purified water very quickly, no matter the source. 

While each variable plays its own important role in determining the efficacy of a filtered option, filter compound is arguably the most important. Compare the Aquaspace® Compound to a general carbon filter, for example. A carbon filter is very porous with high flow rates and low contact time; however, it’s really only effective at removing bad tastes and smells, as well as VOCs. On the other side, the Aquaspace® Compound filters everything from tastes and smells, to VOCs, to industrial solvents, lead, chlorine and more. 

The key in selecting the best bottle with a built-in filter is to stack up these variables to find the right balance between convenience, effectiveness and cost. 


Survivor Water Bottle


See Our Filtered Water Bottles

Aquaspace® water bottles are regarded for their filtering efficiency and effectiveness—whether you’re filtering everyday water from your tap or runoff from a stream in the mountains. It’s because every Aquaspace® bottle comes backed by the Aquaspace® Compound filter, as well as a design that promotes maximum capacity and efficient filtering. 

  • The Survivor™ Travel Water Bottle with Filter lives up to its name, with the ability to filter water from literally any fresh source. It’s a companion of everyone from outdoor enthusiasts to first responders active in disaster areas. It offers a capacity of 20oz, filtering capabilities for up to 45 gallons (288 refills), with a large, dense filter. 
  • A popular favorite for general use, the AquaBuddy™ filtered bottle also offers a 20oz design; however, it’s designed to filter faster with a less dense filter. It relies on Aquatomic® Hydrating Magnets to make the water more bioavailable. It has filtering capabilities for up to 45 gallons (288 refills). 
  • The Aquatomic® Water Bottle doesn’t actually have a built-in filter. Rather, it’s designed to maintain the bioavailability of pre-filtered water. It does so via a Aquatomic® Magnetic Hydrating Bag. It’s a great option for those who already rely on an under-sink filtration system or countertop filtering device. 

As you review these and other options looking for the best bottles with built-in filters, measure them against the variables outlined above. What type of filter media do they use and how does that affect flow rate? What’s the contact time for that particular system? How big is the bottle versus the filter size? 

With a discerning eye and the knowledge of why these variables matter, it won’t take you long to see why Aquaspace® water bottles are industry-leading.

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