Is Purified Water Good for You?

December 17, 2021

Is Purified Water Good for You?

Water quality is something that should be at the top of every person’s mind when they raise a glass to their lips for a drink. Depending on where you live in the United States, there’s a better-than-average chance that your water isn’t as clean and safe as you think it is.

The effects of that poor water on your health and wellness can add up fast—especially if you’re drinking the recommended 12-15 cups of water per day. 

If you’re someone questioning your tap water, you might also be asking the opposite question: is purified water good for you?

Is it worth it to invest in expensive water filtration systems to make sure you’re drinking clean water?

The answer is a resounding “yes.” Here’s why. 

It removes chemicals, germs and other contaminants

The reason tap water throughout the United States is so suspect is because of the many contaminants that can lurk within it.

Lead from corroded pipes, dissolved pesticides in groundwater, pollution from factory runoff and much more can all find their way into the water supply. Eventually, they’ll make their way into your body. 

Water that’s purified is absent these dangerous contaminants. Even the simplest water filtration systems perform an important function: straining out lead, bacteria, harmful chemicals, pesticides, even viruses.

The more robust the system, the better the purification—and the safer the water comes out on the other side.  

It maintains healthy, natural mineral levels

There are substances in your water that should be there, like healthy minerals. Your body needs magnesium and potassium, as well as other electrolytes that are naturally present in water.

The key is getting them in the right levels. Purified water offers these minerals in healthy doses. 

Most purification systems serve to balance water. For example, Aquaspace® uses a proprietary compound that filters out the likes of lead and other heavy metals, while maintaining safe, healthy levels of essential minerals.

The result is water that’s not just purified, it’s also healthy. 

Purified water improves digestion, skin and energy levels

Alkalinity is something most people don’t think about when it comes to their water—but they should! Drinking purified water often means ingesting less acidic water.

Filtering out acidic molecules means raising the alkalinity of water, which pumps up the pH to a level that’s between 8-9, as opposed to 6-7. 

Why does it matter?

Because alkaline water is linked to all sorts of health benefits: from better digestion, to healthier complexion, to higher energy levels and more.

Drinking clean water makes your body’s largest organ (skin) more elastic and naturally moisturized. Drinking clean water can also keep energy consistently higher by delivering a nourishing level of hydration. 

Purified water makes you want to drink more

This one is a no-brainer. Drinking purified water is good for you because it tastes better!

Which would you rather drink: cloudy water with a metallic taste that comes straight from the tap or clean, clear, purified water that leaves you feeling refreshed?

Purified water isn’t just good for you because of what it can do for your health—it’s also an important part in forming better hydration habits.

It’s much easier to get into the habit of drinking purified water than any old water that’s available. 

Every person deserves purified water

Is purified water good for you? Absolutely. In fact, it’s often more important than many people realize.

Drinking water is a mixed bag in America, which makes it important to take a proactive approach to getting purified water. 

Invest in high-quality filtration systems that deliver clean, safe, nourishing water that’s good for you. Aquaspace® offers options for any situation, to make enjoying the benefits of purified water easy, every day.

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