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Is Magnetized Water Good for You?

November 01, 2021

Is Magnetized Water Good for You?

We know that water is the essence of life. Without it, all living things on Earth would cease to exist. But did you know that water holds a magnetic charge or that water found near the North Pole has different effects than water near the South Pole? It’s true! Polarity and magnetic field affect bioavailability and how water behaves at a molecular level. 

Water has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, connected by a covalent bond. These molecules are dipolar—meaning they have positive and negative ends—and naturally attract to one another, forming clusters of 10 to 12 molecules held together by surface tension. Evidence suggests breaking these clusters up with magnets can have a positive effect.

At Aquaspace®, we believe in this scientific evidence, which is why we offer a full product line dedicated to magnetizing water. These products use Aquatomic Hydrating Magnets to de-cluster water, delivering a better level of hydration with every drop.

A closer look at magnetized water

When magnetized, the molecule clusters present in the surface tension of water break down, from 10 to 12 molecules into groups of six or seven molecules. Once de-clustered, the molecules become more bioavailable—meaning they have an easier time passing through cell walls. It means the body can more efficiently absorb water, for more effective hydration.

Water can magnetize naturally in the wild. For example, water run through 30 feet of sand will emerge negatively poled due to the quartz crystals in the sand. However, that takes a while and isn’t very efficient for our everyday needs. That’s why Aquaspace® uses neodymium magnets, which are 10 times stronger than standard magnets and have an incredibly long lifespan. They expedite the magnetization process, to de-cluster water quickly, on-demand.

The health benefits of magnetized water

As mentioned, water that’s broken up into smaller clusters has an easier time passing through our cell walls and being absorbed by our bodies. When we drink magnetized water, we become more hydrated and essentially healthier. Because it promotes our metabolism and improves bioactivation, magnetized water has been linked to a host of rippling benefits—almost all of them having to do with hydration.

The links between hydration and good health are well-known, and bioavailable water only exemplifies these benefits. From better skin complexion to more energy, improved digestion to better mood, the better you hydrate, the better your health! It’s why magnetized water comes up so often in holistic health circles.

Try magnetized water for yourself with Aquaspace® products

Ready to experience magnetized water for yourself? Aquaspace® makes it easy for everyone to enhance their water and its hydrating effects. Here’s how to make magnetized water a part of your everyday health regimen:

  • Whole-house System: The Aquatomic® whole-home water treatment system is the best way to ensure your water is as healthy as possible. In addition to de-clustering water, our technology eliminates scale accumulation and optimizes pH levels.
  • Single-Container System: We carry one- and five-gallon Aquatomic® treatment devices, perfect for the home or office. An adjustable elastic strap makes it easy to fit on any jug or container for instant de-clustering capabilities.
  • Personal Water Bottles: Those on the go can choose either the Aquatomic® or AquaBuddy® water bottles. Built-in magnets de-cluster the water while it’s in the bottle, so it’s always fresh and ready.

Is magnetized water good for you?

When it comes to hydrating for your health, magnetized water is one of the best ways to make sure you’re getting the most out of your water. See for yourself with an Aquaspace hydrating magnet system. 

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