How to Pick an Alkaline Water Filter

April 07, 2022

How to Pick an Alkaline Water Filter

There’s no better investment for your everyday health than the money you’ll spend on an alkaline water filter. Every drop of water that passes through one of these filters becomes cleaner, healthier and easier for your body to absorb. The question is, with so many alkaline filtration systems out there, which one is the right one for you?

When it comes to evaluating alkaline water filters, it’s important to look for the features that signal a quality system—one that will function day in and day out, raising the standard of your water. Here’s a look at some of the chief features and capabilities to look for when the time comes to pick an alkaline water filter to invest in. 

  • Raises the pH of water to 9. First and foremost, you need an alkaline water filter that’s capable of raising the pH of water to 9, which is the optimal level for alkaline water. Most tap water hovers between 6-7, and you won’t begin to see the true benefits of alkaline water until it reaches 8.5-9. 
  • Adds beneficial minerals. The best way to raise the alkalinity of water is by ensuring alkaline minerals are present. Specifically, you need water that includes healthy levels of calcium, magnesium and potassium. Look for a filter that imbues your water with these essential minerals. 
  • Lowers oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). The purpose of alkaline water is to reduce oxidative stress in the body, which can affect your cells. This is done by reducing the ORP of water. The lower you can get it, the better. An optimal level is -500, so look for a filter with the capability to get it to that level. 
  • Improves taste and smell. While it might seem trivial, the ability of an alkaline water filter to remove poor tastes and smells from water as it alkalizes is an advantage. When the water you’re drinking looks, smells and feels refreshing, you’re more likely to drink more of it!
  • Extended filter lifespan. Make sure you’re buying a filter system that lasts. It needs to live up to its alkalizing potential for the life of the filter for you to get the benefits. Make sure it’s both proportionate to the capacity of the system and cost-effective in terms of how much you’ll spend. 
  • Convenience and ease of use. Convenience is king. The easier it is to install and change a water filter, or incorporate it into your everyday lifestyle, the more apt you are to use it. When you make drinking alkaline water part of your everyday habits and routines, you’ll experience the benefits in a very real way. 

You Can’t Put a Price on Healthy Water

As you narrow down the search for a quality alkaline water filter, you’ll also need to consider price. As is the case with most things, you’ll pay a higher price upfront for quality, but recoup the value of that investment for as long as you own the filtration system. Remember that your health is priceless, and that choosing the right alkaline water filter for your home and lifestyle means putting your health first. 

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