Drink Healthy Water when Travelling Overseas

March 27, 2019

Drink Healthy Water when Travelling Overseas

I travel abroad quite often. Usually, I travel to Asia or Europe. I recently returned from my semi-annual trip to Bangkok, Thailand. Like many cities in Asia, tap water is not especially safe to drink. While the staff at Bangkok’s Metropolitan Waterworks Authority have produced studies indicating that the water fully meets the World Health Organization (WHO) criteria and standards, my stomach begs to differ. Many years ago, when I first started traveling to Bangkok, I made the mistake of the drinking tap water. Over the course of several days, my stomach expressed its displeasure with the water I ingested.

The water quality tests are usually performed at the water treatment facility. It’s not surprising that the water passes quality tests at the source. However, Bangkok is a very large city with extensive water infrastructure serving its communities. The pipes that deliver the water are quite old and may carry rust and dirt that can have a negative impact on the digestive system.

Many travelers tend to stay at four and five-star hotels that have sophisticated water filtration systems. Drinking water in these establishments is usually safe. I have never had a problem with drinking water at these types of hotels or restaurants. When wandering around the city and visiting restaurants that are off-the-beaten-path, it’s best to ask for bottled water (‘nam khuu-ad” in Thai language). Locals in Bangkok have built up a tolerance for the bacteria in the water. You may see them drinking from the faucet in a public bathroom. I don’t recommend doing this if you are not a seasoned traveler who has experienced less than clean water.

When I travel, I bring the Aquaspace Voyager TV-100 portable water filter with me.  It comes with a rubber faucet adapter that allows me to attach it to any type of faucet. This filter is compact in size but is a very powerful little filter that destroys bacteria and viruses on contact.  I usually, attach this filter to the faucet in my hotel. It’s great if you have a room with a small kitchenette.


Currently, we here at Aquaspace are working on a new portable bottle that can be carried around with you and will filter impurities from any source. Be on the lookout for the “Survivor” bottle. Safe travels.



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