Choosing the Best Alkaline Water Filter System for You

April 07, 2022

Choosing the Best Alkaline Water Filter System for You

Interested in bringing the benefits of alkaline water into your home? You’ll need a water filtration system capable of raising the pH of your water from 6-7 to 9. Aquaspace® offers some of the best water filters for alkalizing your water. The question is, which option is right for you?

For some people, a water filter for sink-level purification offers everyday convenience. For people who are always on the go, pH boosting drops or a water bottle might be the best option. It all comes down to your lifestyle and situation.

Here’s a quick look at the best water filters for alkalizing your water and how Aquaspace® makes it easy to reap the benefits of this nourishing water each and every day. 

ION™ Alkaline Mineral Filter Carafe

This pitcher is great for individuals who want the convenience of refreshingly cool alkalized water, without dedicating too much room in their fridge. The carafe holds 40oz of water, and it alkalizes and mineralizes water straight from your tap. The filter has a capacity of 45 gallons or two months (whichever comes first). Get ready to enjoy refreshing water that holds a pH of 9!

Carafe® with Alkaline Mineral Filter

This carafe pitcher uses a maintenance-free filter to not only cleanse water, but also to raise the pH to an alkalinity of 9 and to lower the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) of the water by -500 mill volts, to reduce oxidative stress on the body. Not only are you hydrating, you’re healing! The filter has an astounding lifespan of 250 gallons of six months.

Carafe® with Fluoride & Heavy Metal Reduction & Alkaline Mineral Filter

Not only does this filter carafe raise the pH of water to 9 to properly alkalize it, you’ll also get the benefits of additional heavy metal filtration. The result is water that’s fresh, clean, safe and healthy for you, right down to a cellular level. The trifecta of filtering power lasts for 125 gallons or three months, to provide you with crisp, alkalized water right from your fridge. 

ALKALIFE® Alkaline pH Booster

When you’re on the go, these alkalizing drops make it easy to quickly raise the pH of your water to 9. Just squeeze four to five drops for every 8-10oz of water and stir. Drink up to raise those bicarbonate levels and flush out acidity from the body!


Not only is this water bottle a great reminder for you to drink steadily throughout the day, it has the power to raise the alkalinity of water so you experience the benefits of alkalized hydration wherever you go! Its long-lasting filter works for up to 288 fills or between two and three months of daily use. Soft plastic construction means it a comfortable bottle to squeeze, and its 20.2oz capacity means you’ll get your recommended intake of water. 

From a water bottle to a water filter for sink and tap purification, the best water filters are the ones that add nourishing calcium, potassium and magnesium back into your water, to raise its alkalinity to a pH of 9. Aquaspace® offers options for every lifestyle. Browse our options and choose the right one for you.

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