All About Healthy Water: What Belongs in Your Water?

January 20, 2021

All About Healthy Water: What Belongs in Your Water?

One of the biggest misconceptions about drinking-water is that, for it to be clean and healthy, it needs to be free of everything that’s not hydrogen and oxygen. But that’s not actually the case. In fact, there are plenty of minerals that are good for you and essential to living a healthy life—calcium and magnesium, for example. The problem is that most filtration systems strip these minerals out, leaving behind water that’s clean, but not necessarily healthy. 

In his book, Healthy Water for Life, Dr. Martin Fox discusses what it means for it to be both clean and healthy. You can have H2O that’s completely devoid of natural minerals, but this doesn’t fortify your body and its systems. It’s not as healthy as alternatives that contain these minerals. This is an important concept to consider as you choose a filtration system—and it’s why more people are choosing Aquaspace® filtration systems.

The difference between clean and healthy

You might be familiar with the old expression “all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares.” It’s a geometry riddle that shows inverse relationships. This same concept applies to water. All healthy water is clean, but not all clean water is healthy. To understand why this is, we need to look at Dr. Fox’s concepts of clean vs. healthy. 

In Healthy Water for Life, Dr. Fox examines all the major elements found in potable water today—from naturally-occurring minerals, to added chlorine, to sodium and more—and the effects these compounds have on our bodies. Throughout the text, it becomes clear that additives and harmful chemicals are the source of many health problems—everything from hypertension to cancer. However, the natural minerals present are actually beneficial for health. Unfortunately, he goes on to explain that many conventional filtration systems demineralize, removing the good with the bad.

According to Dr. Fox, “proper levels of hardness and total dissolved solids (TDS) are two of the beneficial properties in drinking-water constituting a healthy drinking-water.” Or, in simpler terms: demineralization may result in cleaner, but not healthier water. 

The benefits of natural, mineralized water

According to Dr. Fox, stripping away the natural, essential minerals found in well-water and other potable collection systems means doing our bodies a disservice. Instead, he recommends filtration without demineralization:

“We can create a healthy option for drinking and bathing. For drinking-water follow the guidelines on hardness (ideal around 170 mg/L), total dissolved solids, TDS (ideal around 300 mg/L), and pH (alkaline - above 7.0 for wells or municipal water).”

Dr. Fox delves deeper into what, exactly, it means to have properly mineralized water and how the body uses those essential minerals to fortify itself. For example, the potassium content many people filter out is actually instrumental in reducing the risk of hypertension that comes with a sodium-rich modern-day diet. 

Another example of mineral importance is the link between proper fluid hardness and its ability to safeguard against heart disease. Dr. Fox dives into the well-studied link between fluid hardness—the presence of calcium and magnesium (calcium carbonate)—and cardiovascular health, stating, “today after thirty years of research we are left with Schroeder’s initial conclusion-drinking hard-water results in less cardiovascular disease than drinking soft-water.”

All told, Dr. Fox examines the importance of many different minerals in our drinking-water, including calcium carbonate, zinc, iron, potassium, calcium and others. His findings clearly indicate that these minerals are a vital part of our diet. 

Overzealous filtration harms the user

Dr. Fox’s observations are important in today’s day and age of accessible filtration. Anyone can go to the store and buy a filtration system—everything from a simple pitcher to a whole-home filtration system. The problem is, many of these systems take a complete approach to filtration, stripping everything out of water: both harmful chemicals and essential minerals. Worse still, they market it as a benefit! 

As more and more people seek clean H2O, they’re inadvertently depriving themselves of healthy water. 

The secret of Aquaspace® effectiveness

There’s a reason Dr. Fox endorses Aquaspace®  filtration products. Unlike other systems that strip away all the minerals that make clean water healthy, Aquaspace® products are engineered to leave essential minerals untouched and present in the supply. The secret is the patented Aquaspace® Compound

The Aquaspace® Compound filters out unwanted organic and inorganic chemicals, but doesn’t lower the pH value of water. This means minerals aren’t removed, which means water is clean and healthy. While calcium carbonate, potassium, zinc, calcium and other minerals remain untouched, ready for the body to use in fortification, the Aquaspace® Compound removes the following harmful substances:

  • 99% of Lead
  • 99% of Chlorine
  • 99% of gases including (Radon, Argon, Krypton)
  • 99% of Trihalomethanes
  • 99% of Organic Halides
  • Numerous Industrial Solvents 
  • Trace Pharmaceuticals and Hormones
  • 55 of the most common Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Notice what’s missing from that list? Essential minerals. This is incredibly important for individuals who rely on filtration systems to cleanse their daily drinking-water—from elderly individuals who use the Aquaspace Carafe® Pitchers in their condo, to homeowners with young children who opt for whole-house water filtration. These individuals need powerful filtration for dangerous compounds, yet also deserve the benefits of mineralization Dr. Fox so extensively covers in his book. 

Clean and healthy water are essential

Everyone knows the importance of clean-water—that’s free of odd odors and tastes, and dangerous chemicals. But not everyone understands how this differs from healthy water—that’s of a proper hardness, with essential minerals present. Aquaspace® bridges the concept for individuals by providing filtration that results in both clean and healthy H2O. 

Instead of stripping it down to its base hydrogen and oxygen atoms and claiming it’s healthy, Aquaspace® filters deliver truly healthy-water through a discerning filtration approach, to provide a higher caliber potable experience to people concerned about the quality of their drinking-water. You don’t need to read Dr. Fox’s book to understand the research; you just need to rely on an Aquaspace® filter to take full advantage of that research in practice. Your body is sure to thank you for it!

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