1-Micron Multi Sectional 9 ¾" Sediment Cartridge


Each stage of the cartridge filters a unique size of sediment. Because the 4-N-1 is multi sectional and uses gradual filtration, it can last longer than a single section cartridge.

Water travels radially and enters the cartridge through the outer 30-micron layer and exits through the inner 1-micron layer. Because the 4-N-1 gradually filters ALL sizes of sediment from big to small, each layer only has to filter its designated size sediment. This is different from a single section cartridge. 

Microns are a unit of measurement. They refer to the size of the sediment passing through the cartridge.The smaller the micron the smaller the sediment. 

The 4-N-1 is our BEST VALUE sediment cartridge for its quality and durability.

Size 9 ¾" (filter only)
Max Temp 85°F (Use cold water line only)
Efficiency The Aquaspace 4-N-1 can be used as a polishing filter for a whole house system. It can also be used in any standard 10” slim housing as seen in the counter-top and under-the-sink models.

 Filter Section The Aquaspace Micron Multi Sectional 4 in 1 (APR-4-N-1) should be replaced every 12 months or when water pressure drastically reduces.

*Note* For some customers, depending on your water quality and the size of the sediment in your water supply, the 4-N-1 may need to be replaced sooner than 12 months.

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