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Water Softening Cartridge : AR-100WS (OR AR-100WS50)


Models: AR-100WS and AR-100WS50.

The WS and WS50 10" Water Softening Cartridges use a fine mesh ion exchange filter media. Unlike most softener cartridges the WS and WS50 cartridges exchange beneficial Potassium for the water hardness and NOT sodium which is commonly used in water softening applications.

The WS reduces hardness for 15,000 PPM Gallons. The WS50 cartridge will reduce hardness at an approximate rate of 50% of incoming hardness for 30,000 PPM/Gallons* This cartridge was designed to reduce approximately 50% of the water hardness entering Water IONIZERs thus reducing the number of required manual cleaning cycles of water Ionizers yet still keeping in enough minerals in the water to allow the Ionizer to work properly and also deliver minerals into the drinking water to promote good health.

 * How to determine a cartridge life: “PPM/Gallons life” is the calculation of a compound in the water measured in Parts Per Million (PPM) and that number of PPM is then divided into the rated cartridge life to determine the approximate life of the cartridge when used on a water supply with that level of contaminate in the water.

FOR EXAMPLE: A cartridge with a rated life of 7500 PPM/Gallons for sodium reduction is placed on feed water which contains a level of 24 PPM of Sodium (Na). The PPM life of the cartridge (7500) is then divided by the actual amount of ppm (in this case 24) which give that cartridge an effective life of 312.5 gallons for sodium reduction when the water contains 24ppm of Na.

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