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1500-0029 - AQUARIUS™ TWIN- Countertop Series Conversion to AQUARIUS™ TRIPLE Countertop Series (Additional 3rd Housing & Triple Base)


Upgrade your AQUARIUS™ TWIN to an AQUARIUS™ TRIPLE Countertop Water Filter (AQ-435F) which offers you three filtration technologies for the cleanest, healthiest water possible.

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 The AQUARIUS™ TRIPLE Countertop Water Filter (AQ-435) offers you three filtration technologies for the cleanest, healthiest water possible. Our AQ-435 comes standard with our patented Aquaspace® Compound Cartridge that delivers chemical-free water while retaining the essential minerals. The other two filters are up to you! 

The AQ-435 is an attractive sink-top filter system. It incorporates a Dual-Hose Diverter Valve which returns your treated water to a dedicated spout on your faucet. There's no more messy leaks or drips, and the unit comes with an elongated hose which allows you to place the unit away from the sink area, free from clutter unlike most conventional models. The unit comes complete with cartridges included and is designed for you to install without tools, so simply hook it up and enjoy!

Need help deciding which filter to choose? Check out our helpful tips for picking a sink filter blog.

Everyone's Water Quality is Different 

Whether you have municipal water and are concerned about fluoride, or have well water and are concerned about nitrates, YOU can select which option is best for you and your family.

Below you will find information the available cartridges. Please select:

1. Sediment Cartridge
2. Reduction Cartridge
3. Aquatomic Hydrating Magnets

1. Sediment Filter

The FIRST cartridge must act primarily as a sediment filter to protect the longevity of the second two cartridges. We have 3 options:

Model Description

The 1-micron super sediment cartridge is a four section cartridge that serves solely as a sediment filter and uses gradual filtration. It can filter sediment 1 micron in size and will last for 12 months. This is an economical option for those already on microbiologically safe municipal water.

Filter Price: $10.95


RECOMMENDED: The Microbial Ceramic Cartridge serves as a sediment filter and microbial reduction filter. It can filter sediment 0.2 micron in size and will last for 24 months or 50 cleanings. It will also reduce:

-Bacteria (e.Coli)
-Cysts (cryptosporidium)

Filter Price: $72.95


The Microbial NanoCeram Cartridge serves as a sediment filter and microbial reduction filter. It incorporates Powdered Activated Carbon and Agion® silver-impregnated zeolite technology and can filter sediment 0.2 micron in size and will last for 12 months. It is the premium option for microbial reduction and will reduce:

-Bacteria (e.Coli)
-Cysts (cryptosporidium)
--AND Viruses, Endotoxins, Polysaccharides, Colloids

Filter Price: $105.95

2. Reduction Cartridge

The SECOND cartridge depends on your water quality needs, and may require test results to determine which filter is right for you. We have 13 options, with the AR-100F being the most popular and highest recommended choice:

Model Description

RECOMMENDED: The Fluoride & Heavy Metal Reduction Cartridge will reduce the fluoride added by municipalities to undetectable levels. This media will also continue to reduce inorganic heavy metals (such as lead, arsenic, mercury, and chromium six, etc.). Filter life is 6 months and comes in a set of 2 for a 1 year supply.

Filter Price: $87.95


The Nitrate Reduction Cartridge uses a highly nitrate selective ion exchange filter media and will reduce nitrates found in water. Rated Capacity is 5000 PPM/Gallons*.

Filter Price: $59.95


The Acid Neutralizer Cartridge will boost the pH of your water. Intended for customers with acidic water whose water tests below 7.0 pH. Filter life is 12 months

Filter Price: $59.95


The Radium Reduction Cartridge will reduce radium in water to undetectable levels. Rated Capacity is 2500 PPM/Gallons*.

Filter Price: $82.95


The Water Softening Cartridge reduces water hardness. Unlike most softener cartridges the WS and WS50 cartridges exchange beneficial Potassium for the water hardness and NOT sodium which is commonly used in water softening applications. Rated Capacity is 15000 PPM/Gallons*.

Filter Price: $81.95


Iron/ Manganese Reduction Cartridge - Designed to reduce Manganese and Iron to the lowest possible levels for the rated life of the filter. Rated Capacity is 12000 PPM/Gallons*.

Filter Price: $52.95

 *A water test is highly recommended to determine contaminant level. PPM/Gallon is a method for determining the lifespan of a filter.   

3. Aquatomic Hydrating Magnets

Aquatomic Housing

Now you can choose to add our AQUATOMIC Hydrating Magnets to your unit for increased hydration. The Magnets are built into the housing of the unit, allowing for all water that passes through the field to be restructured, making the water more bio-available to your body. This means it easier for your body to absorb the H2O molecules, helping you get the most out of your drinking water. Plus it makes the water softer and wetter!

Visit our AQUATOMIC Tech Page to learn more about how magnets can improve your water.

Additional Information

Size 12"H x 15"W x 4.5"D (housing)
Capacity 1,000 gallons (3,785 liters)
Flow Rate 0.8 GPM Maximum
Max. Pressure 70 PSI
Max. Temp 85°F (Use cold water line only)
Guarantee One full year for material and workmanship. Due to varying water quality, the filter section is not covered under warranty. Maintenance free.

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