ALKALIFE® Alkaline pH Booster : ALK-100


AlkaLife® comes in a 1.25 oz (37 ml) bottle and produces approximately 1,200 drops.

AlkaLife® is the original alkaline concentrate. Four drops will transform ordinary drinking water into strong high pH alkaline water. Drinking high pH alkaline water elevates the stomach pH, forcing the stomach to produce hydrochloric acid, iwhich in turn produces an equal amount of bicarbonate, which goes into the bloodstream. Bicarbonate is what flushes the acidity out of our bodies, and as we age, we start to lose bicarbonate. Drinking alkaline water is the best way to raise those bicarbonate levels and flush out acidity from the body. Too much acidity in the body is associated with just about every condition, from arthritis to diabetes to cancer, countless illness come from the same root... too much acid waste in the body!

Directions: Squeeze 4 drops of Alkalife® solution into an 8-10 oz glass of water. DO NOT use distilled water, Reverse Osmosis filtered water. Stir before drinking. Adults 120-150 lbs, drink 5 glasses daily. Adults 180 lbs, drink 6 glasses. Children under 60 lbs, drink 2 glasses. Good for pets, too.

Learn more about Alkaline Water and see what the experts say on our Alkaline Water Tech Page.

Alkalife® - Distributed by Aquaspace Water Systems

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