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Which Filter Should I Choose?

Which brand you trust to provide your drinking water is even more important than changing out your filter regularly. Not all filtration systems are made equal. Most pitchers remove impurities that leave a poor taste in your mouth like chlorine and hydrogen sulfide, and common contaminants like lead, but not many are able to retain beneficial minerals that are essential for good health..

When looking at different filtration systems, also make sure to note if it has been NSF certified. This rating is used to indicate a product meets a strict standard for sanitation and efficiency. All Carafe Pitchers remove lead and have been NSF certified, so you can feel safe knowing the water you are drinking is clean and healthy.

The Carafe Pitchers also come in different models as well. The original model is the most basic and removes the standard contaminants. An elevated model offers the same filtration system with added fluoride and heavy metal reduction. Contrary to common beliefs, man-made fluoride can be harmful to the body. It can lead to stained and weakened teeth as well as potentially more serious conditions like arthritis, dementia, and cancers. This model takes out the fluoride that is in your tap water to provide you an upgraded level of water quality.

Another filtration option is the Alkaline Mineral Filter. This unique filter has the ability to introduce calcium, magnesium, and potassium into the water as it filters through to increase the nutritional value of the water. It also raises the pH level of the water to a value of 9.0, which is the optimum level for drinking water, as recommended by the author of Reverse Aging, Sang Whang, while also reducing its Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). By reducing the ORP, the water then holds antioxidant properties.

Aquaspace’s Carafe Pitchers also offer an additional option to maximize the potential health benefits of your water by incorporating both the Alkaline Mineral Filter and the Fluoride and Heavy Metal Reduction models. This provides the health benefits of the alkaline system as well as the added removal of fluoride and heavy metals to give you an optimized drinking experience for you and your family.