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Water Treatment Systems in Utah

Utah has some of the better potable water quality in the United States—especially in comparison to states like Pennsylvania or Florida, where water troubles are widespread.

Nevertheless, there’s still a need for water treatment systems in Utah. Issues with high lead levels in tap water, as well as concerns about very high levels of hard minerals, affect major metropolitan areas of the Beehive State.

Water filtration in Utah is an important consideration for residents.  

Aquaspace® understands the importance of pure, clean, safe water and believes everyone in Utah should have access to it. We provide the water treatment systems Utah residents need to feel confident when they turn on their taps or raise a glass of water to their lips to drink.

Our systems don’t just make your water clean—they make it healthier.

Drinking water conditions in Utah

From Bountiful to Centerville and areas across the Wasatch Front and beyond, where you live in Utah dictates the water quality you can expect when you turn on your tap. In places like Orem, Provo, and Lindon, hydrocarbon contamination is common.

In places like Sandy, Saratoga Springs, and the greater SLC metro area, hard water is a plumbing killer. 

Heavy metals and hydrocarbons aren’t problems that will solve themselves, they’ll cause even more trouble if not filtered out of your water.

From dried out hair, skin, and nails, to poor taste and smell from potable water, to plumbing failures and more, untreated water in Utah can affect your everyday quality of life in a negative way. 

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Best water treatment systems for Utah residents

Water softener systems are effective in mitigating hard water levels—but they’re often not the ideal solution. They tend to completely remove all minerals. It’s important to use a filtration system in Utah that preserves healthy mineral content while eliminating lead and other contaminants. Aquaspace® offers solutions for any situation:

  • Whole-home filtration. Perfect for those tired of cleaning hard water spots and corrosion out of their showers, whole-home filters treat hard water as soon as it enters your home. Rest assured that every tap in your home will deliver clean, safe, healthy water. 
  • Under-the-sink units. Sick of metallic tasting water? Under-sink units treat water at the point of use, so you’re guaranteed fresh, clean, softened water on-demand. It’s a premier option for bathroom and kitchen taps. 
  • Countertop filter systems. This point-of-use system makes sense for apartments and condos. It delivers the same benefits as an under-the-sink system, with simpler installation and an easier way to change out the filter. 
  • School and classroom units. Schools aren’t exempt from the demand for clean water. We offer high-capacity school and institutional filtration systems that deliver clean, safe water (and the benefits that accompany it) to everyone in the building.
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    Why is water filtration in Utah so important?

    Clean, safe, healthy water is necessary for life—and a basic human right. It starts with effective water treatment systems in Utah.

    Every resident needs to understand the importance of filtration and the beneficial effects of filtered water on their health and property.

    Relying on a robust filtration and softening system means taking your health into your own hands. 

    Remember, good water filtration systems don’t just strip out heavy metals and contaminants—they also retain healthy minerals.

    Make sure you’re taking a smart approach to water filtration in Utah: one that starts and ends with an Aquaspace® system. 

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