Water Filters

Countertop Water Filters

These simple additions to your sink allow water to be diverted to the unit for proper filtration, before being returned to the faucet for your use. These units are conveniently attached to your existing sink faucet with the express purpose of water filtration in mind.

Benefits of Countertop Filters:


  • Improve the Taste: Tap water often comes with small amounts of chlorine or fluoride, which will change the taste of water dispensed considerably. These units allow you to remove these contaminants, so that you can have clean, fresh water available when you need it.
  • Cost Efficient: With a large variety of models to choose from, and easy to replace filter cartridges, they will save you a fortune on bottled water.
  • Easy to Maintain: These filters require the same basic care as countertop filters, and the only routine maintenance will be the changing of the filter cartridges.

Under the Sink Water Filters

These are a great alternative to countertop water filters, if you do not have the space on your countertop for the unit. We offer the same models and units for both under the sink and countertop, so that you don’t have to sacrifice functionality because of the physical constraints of your home.

These units are directly installed to your water supply line, and even come with an included faucet in options of chrome, lead-free, and brushed nickel, ensuring that you do not need to worry about issues of compatibility. If in the future you want to switch your under the sink system to countertop, simply give us a call, and we can help!

Water Filter Systems for Schools

There are different types of water filter systems that a school can install, ranging from small to large. While the installation and maintenance cost of a more extensive water filter system capable of filtering the entire school water supply can be overwhelming, we have provided specializied filters, custom fit to different drinking spots around the school. At Aquaspace, we provide schools with kitchenette sink filters and water fountain filters capable of lead, chlorine, and cyst reduction. These filters remove impurities and contaminants, ensuring that the water is safe for consumption.