Do the Filters Go Bad?

Every filter slowly loses effectiveness over time, so changing out your filter is required and knowing when to change out your pitcher’s filter is extremely important. It’s best to think of carbon filters like a parking lot. There are a limited number of parking spots.

As contaminated water passes through the “parking lot,” the contaminants take up one parking spot at a time. Once these contaminants are in the parking spot, they will never leave. So naturally, over time the parking spots fill up, and eventually there are no more spots in the parking lot. Once there are no more spots (the carbon has pulled out as many contaminants as possible), the impurities will flow through the filter (as there is nowhere left to park).

In order to prevent reduced effectiveness, it’s important to maintain the proper schedule for switching out your filters. Every type of Carafe Pitcher has a unique filter, each with different lifespans, so make sure to check how long your specific filter will last and follow the proper maintenance required.