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AR-100AN - Acid Neutralizer Cartridge


Our Acid Neutralizing pH Booster AND RE-Mineralizing 9 ¾" Replacement Cartridge.

*When testing the pH of Alkaline Water please use either a calibrated electronic pH test meter or the Aqua ION™ pH Test Kit. The use of pH test strips are unreliable and most often produce inaccurate results!

If your drinking water is ACIDIC (Low pH) either naturally occurring, or from the use of a Reverse Osmosis (R/O) filter unit it is highly recommended by us and Health Professionals alike that you raise the pH of the water you use daily for drinking and cooking to a pH of slightly above 8.0 - 8.5. Our Acid Neutralizing / RE-Mineralizing replaceable cartridge AR-100AN will do just that. Our Aqua-Ion Alkalizing media found in our AR-100AN is self-regulating and will reliably increase your pH to 8.0 -8.5.The pH many nutritionists agree is the best pH range to drink your daily water intake on a continual basis. The AR-100AN will fit any standard 9 ¾” filter housing The cartridge life will depend on the amount of pH is needed and should in any case be replaced every 12 months. The designed flow rate is 3-4 liters per minute (0.75 – 1.0 Gallons per Minute). This cartridge is IDEAL for use as a post filter unit for R/O systems and can be placed in our AQ-100 high pressure filter housing.

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