The new patent pending AQUATOMIC® (AT-1000) water treatment device has been designed to fit many different delivery systems. The design incorporates an adjustable elastic strap that can be expanded to fit just about any container.

The AQUATOMIC series serves to “decluster” the water so that it may become more bio-available, thus increasing hydration. By declustering the water, your body will absorb it faster and more efficiently, which in turn will hydrate you quicker. Drinking water that has been exposed to a magnetic field is great for anyone looking to stay hydrated and get the most out of their water.

The AQUATOMIC will work on many different bottles and containers including: water filter housings, water bottles, sun tea jars, water pitchers, canteens, water lines, shower nozzles, garden hoses, wine bottles, juice containers, vitamin bottles, and cosmetic jars…to name just a few. Be sure to put one on your water filter at home, and to carry one on your water bottle wherever you go!

Why are smaller clusters of water good?

The simple answer is that smaller water clusters, or groupings, are absorbed easier and quicker by our bodies. Jon Barron, internationally renowned health experts, says:

“The smaller the groupings, the more bio-available the water is -- the more easily it is able to pass through cell walls, to transport nutrients and remove waste, to facilitate all of the communications systems in your body, and to pass through your body as a whole. The larger the groupings, the more inefficient water is at performing these same functions... What holds water molecules together in clusters is surface tension. Magnetizing your drinking water breaks its surface tension, making it wetter and more useable by every cell in your body.”

Type of Magnets: The AQUATOMIC has a unique compact design that utilizes a specially coated set of four Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) magnets that deliver over 17,000 structure altering gauss directly into the substance being treated. The AQUATOMIC's Super-Strength Rare Earth magnets have the characteristics of extremely strong Boron resident induction and excellent demagnetization resistance capability.

For more details, read our AQUATOMIC Tech Page.

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