Lead Reduction in Washington D.C. Public Schools

June 06, 2022

Lead Reduction in Washington D.C. Public Schools

In response to reported spikes in lead found in drinking water in their public schools, the Washington D.C. government passed the Childhood Lead Exposure Prevention Amendment Act of 2017. This bill establishes testing protocols and filtering procedures to protect children in DC from lead exposure in drinking water sources in public and charter schools, childcare facilities and Department of Public Recreation facilities. The law established a standard for lead concentration in water to be less than 5 parts per billion (ppb). This standard applies to any drinking water outlet used or potentially used for drinking or food preparation.

When the DC government sent out the bid requesting a filtration solution that could meet the strict standard set by the 2017 act, no other company was able to provide a cost-effective solution. Aquaspace Water Systems was the only company able to develop a solution to help DC schools meet the strict standards established by the Childhood Lead Exposure Prevention Amendment Act. Our water filters have been used within the Washington D.C. public school system ever since and have received rave reviews.

Aquaspace has supplied nearly 4,000 water fountain filters and kitchenette sink filters to the public elementary, middle, high, and charter schools of DC. Aquaspace was the only company able to meet DCPS’s ambitious goal of lead reduction. Aquaspace filters reduce lead to <1 part per billion, well below the EPA’s limit of 15 ppb and Washington D.C’s 5 ppb for safe drinking levels. Our filters are highly recommended by school officials and a letter from the Department of General Services to our President Michael Pedersen can attest to their satisfaction.

Read the Recommendation Letter from the Department of General Services.

No More Lead in DC public school water

At Aquaspace, we are committed to ensuring the kids of DC have access to clean drinking water. We understand the importance of providing children with lead-free water during their most formative years. And with most of a child’s drinking water being consumed at school, it is essential the water be reliably clean.

Currently, we are expanding to serve more institutional systems. If you are interested in partnering with us, or would like for your school, hospital, or government facility to partner with us, please send us a message via our Contact Us page, our Director of Institutional Sales would be happy to speak with you.

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