Is a Countertop Water Filter Effective for Clean Water Quality?

April 01, 2022

Is a Countertop Water Filter Effective for Clean Water Quality?

Access to clean running water saves more lives than any other aspect of the modern world. But even with irrigation and public water filtration, your water still has to travel through tens to hundreds of miles of metal piping. The idea that metal corrosion, solvents, and dirt won't get into your water is unrealistic at best.

Bottled water is a solution, but it's expensive and the plastics are a potential health hazard.

By far the best way to get truly clean drinking water is to filter it at home, and there are multiple ways to do it to suit your budget, family size, and needs. There is whole house, under sink, showerhead, and carafe pitcher filtration. In our opinion, any way you get fresh, clean water is great. But carafe pitchers are an affordable, low maintenance way to bring delicious, purified water into your everyday life.

The Advantages of Countertop Water Filtration

The most important advantage of a countertop water filter is it's an easy way to access water as it should be. As you know, few living things can survive more than three days without water. Despite this, there are millions of people who believe they do not enjoy the taste of water because they have never tasted it as it should be. But that is just the beginning of the reasons to try it.

Clean Water is Healthier Water

According to research by Consumer Reports, 118 out of 120 residential locations across the United States had tap water that tested positive for dangerous levels of Polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS), arsenic, pesticides, traces of insulation material, animal and insect waste, mold and bacteria, and trace elements of prescription medications.

All of these clearly harmful substances are hard on the skin when you wash with water that contains them. They make your water taste terrible, and they can harm your health. Over time, the medical costs of consuming water that is so badly tainted will far outweigh the cost of countertop water filtration.

When you are thirsty and you taste truly clean water that is free of harmful substances as nature intended, you will be instantly sold.

Superior Flavor

This advantage cannot be overstated, especially for households with children. If having to sneak up on your water to drink it because of the terrible flavor seems normal to you, your life will be transformed by delicious, clean water. For parents, the joy of hearing your children say they love how good the water tastes is nothing short of a blessing.

You will be building a healthy habit and enhancing your quality of life.

Ease of Care

A countertop carafe filter pitcher is easy to clean. Simply replace the filter as needed and wipe down the pitcher periodically inside and out. You can even put it in the dishwasher for a deep cleaning.

Enhance Your Cooking and Drinks

Your friends and family will notice that your cooking improves when you cook with clean water. Better yet, your cocktails, coffee, tea, and lemonade will taste even more delicious! Countertop water filters are great for cleaning water at the sink, but remember that only a whole-home water filtration will even help keep your air clean of VOCs.

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