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Benefits of a House Water Filtration System

March 31, 2022

Benefits of a House Water Filtration System

Studies have shown that even the best unfiltered tap water contains impurities that are not great for our health. Even the best water lines are bound to be susceptible to corrosion, to get damaged by tectonic activity and root growth, and to become contaminated by the surrounding soil. One of the best practices you can engage in on a day-to-day basis is starting the day by turning the faucet on full blast for a few seconds to purge the line. Then run the water gently to fill a counter-top water purifier.

While this is a great way to improve our health with cleaner drinking water, it is a fairly limited solution. The best answer is a whole-house water filtration system. Some of the advantages are obvious. You have instant access to purified water at every tap in the home. You don't have to change filters as often as you would with an ordinary filtration device, and it is easy to use. But this is just the beginning of the benefits of a whole-house water filtration system. Here, we want to cover all the important advantages of a house-wide water purification system.

The Benefits of a Whole-House Water Filtration System

The first thing you will notice after installing your whole home filtration system is the fact that your water tastes so much better. Many people are laboring under the impression that they do not enjoy the taste of water. This is because they believe the heavily contaminated water they are used to drinking is representative of all water. This is a great tragedy because we need to drink plenty of fresh water to be healthy and because every living thing naturally loves the taste of pure, clean water.

One exclusive benefit of a whole-home water system:  Carcinogenic chemicals enter the home thru the volatilization process, which is when water leaves the faucet and lands in a sink or bathtub and some turns into a fine mist which you can breathe into your lungs. 

Simple daily water usage like this is shown to result in a six-times increase in the level of exposure from breathing these carcinogenic VOC’S (Volatile Organic Chemicals) which are now in your home air as compared to only drinking them from the water. 

Unfortunately, this risk can only be mitigated by using a whole house system, and is a primary benefit to having a whole-home filter system.

Less Expensive Than Filtered Bottled Water

Buying bottled water from the store or on a subscription basis is expensive. Over time, your whole-home filtration system will be much cheaper than buying bottled water that might not even be as clean as the label claims. 

Protect the Environment

This is one of the least obvious benefits, but the fact remains that the water that comes out of your tap is not clean. The waste it contains will be reabsorbed by the earth and passed back to the public works. But your filtration system helps by returning water that is cleaner than it otherwise would be on the drain end of its journey through your home. 

Fewer Plumbing Issues

The many forms of sediment and deposits that come through the tap will contribute to the corrosion of your pipes and plumbing. That means you will need to call the plumber more often and for more serious issues. 

Reduce Skin Irritation

Impurities in our tap water wreak havoc with our skin, as well as with our guts. This could be a great relief to any teenagers suffering from acne.

Save Money on Soap & Laundry

Clean water does a better job cleaning clothes and dishes. You'll spend less money on soap and your clothes will last longer. 

Enjoy Better Health

Most importantly, clean water will protect and promote good health. This will improve the quality of your life and save you money on medical expenses over time.

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