The AQUASPACE® Water Treatment Compound consists of a blend of various chemicals, including carbonaceous materials, which have a highly porous structure. These materials may be thermally or chemically activated to produce a surface area of over 2,000 square meters per gram. This incredibly large surface area allows for the water to flow through and the chemicals in your water to adsorb onto the treatment compound.

The AQUASPACE Water Treatment Compound is dense, hard and granular in composition.  Its pore structure has been controlled to include a broad range of pore sizes, with a predominant number of larger pore sizes. The pore structures are arranged in the following pattern: the macro pores open directly to the external surface of the particle; transitional pores branch off from macro pores; and micro pores in turn, branch off from the transitional pores.  The specific area of the micro pores usually amounts to 90% of the total surface area.


The AQUASPACE Water Treatment Compound is highly uniform in quality.  It is back washable which gives it extended life. Its high resistance to abrasion results in minimum losses during back washing and mechanical handling. The wide variety of pore sizes with especially numerous pores means that the AQUASPACE Water Treatment Compound can adsorb both high and low molecular weight materials.  It is, however, particularly suited for adsorbing large amounts of high molecular weight substances. 




The AQUASPACE Water Treatment Compound is suited for use in chemical and pharmaceutical water treatment and for drinking water filters.  It can be used in either portable or stationary filters.


AQUASPACE Water Treatment Compound will remove:

•    Metals

•    Inorganic Compounds

•    Organic Compounds

•    Organic Halides

•    Chlorine

•    Chloramines

•    Trihalomethanes

•    Radon Gas