• NASA Technology

    Inspired by NASA

    The Aquaspace Compound is our original water treatment compound and was developed using NASA technology. It will remove ⇨
  • Lead and Chlorine Water Filter
  • Herbicides & Pesticides
  • Contaminants in Water
  • VOC


  • I first heard about Aquaspace water filters from a newsletter by Dr. Julian Whitaker in 2001. I purchased the carafes and water filters and have been ordering them ever since. This year I decided to put in an undercounter water filter system to get it as pure as I could. I spoke with "Max" at length as to what kind of filter I wanted. He was absolutely spectacular as a sales person!! He answered all (and there were many) questions. He was patient with me until I understood everything there was to know about the system I finally decided on. He even went into the warehouse and found me a spout that was shorter than the one that comes with the system so it would not interfere with the low bay window in front of the sink. I purchased the AQ-135F/AT and I'm not sure there are words to tell you how happy I am with it! Everyone in the house (there are 6 of us) loves the taste and everyone that comes to visit and tastes it, absolutely loves the taste! I have recommended it to two of my friends that are looking for an under sink water filter and I know that if they purchase it, they will love it as much as I do!! Thanks!!

    Connie H. - California

  • I have been using the Aquaspace Whole House filter in my home for 15 years now and plan on purchasing another one when I move to a new home next month… I would be lost without it!

    Leslie P. - Maryland

  • Best tasting water ever. My wife and I have had our hair analyzed for metals and are in great shape. Very little fluoride or other metals. Well worth the price to be healthy. Had these filters I think for about. 8 years.

    Donald J. - Louisiana

  • I trust the friend who did the research before I started buying your products many years ago, and everyone who drinks the water at my place, says it tastes exceptionally good.

    Barbara S. - Maryland

  • I had not realized that the primary exposure to the VOC’s in the water was thru the air we breathed in the home.  This is why we purchased our Whole Home unit.  I wish I learned that fact earlier because I did never realize how wonderful it was to have my Whole Home unit.

    Brian K. - California

  • It is truly a pleasure to be able to get a chemical-free, and great tasting water from any faucet in our home, to feel the clean water during shower, and bathing (my hair is a lot healthier, too - no more split ends).

    Pat P. - Florida

  • I had hard time breathing while taking a shower due to the chemicals in the water.  Unfiltered water seriously made my stomach cramp and sick.  My doctor recommended that I use a shower filter system.  My husband and I looked around and decided on the Aquaspace and it is definitely the way to go!!

    Amy T. - Arizona

  • Excellent customer service via emails with a staff named Max A - all my questions (and there were many) were answered thoroughly and promptly. Also, my specific shipping requests were accommodated. The instruction manual which came with the undersink unit can be improved - so that even laypersons can do the installation. Though I have yet to install the undersink unit (need to digest the instruction manual), I have confidence in the products based on the website info. Most undersink RO units involve water wastage, while Aquaspace's doesn't. 

    Ms. Gwee - Singapore

  • My wife and I purchased the whole home filter after we stayed at a friend’s home while on our vacation and noticed the water seemed very fresh. They showed us their Aquaspace whole house system. We now realized what we were missing for our home as soon as it was installed.  I highly recommend this product for everyone city water!

    Ed H. - Florida


    Janet, B - Washington

  • It is much more convenient that waiting for a reverse osmosis to purify a full gallon of water or dealing with the hassle of cleaning a water distiller or running into problems with the distiller operating correctly.

    Jason W. - Ohio

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