After 35 years of business we’ve pretty much heard it all. We are so thankful to all our wonderful customers taking the time to learn about and appreciate the importance of clean, healthy water. Below is our updated list of some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we’ve received over these 35 years.


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Table of Contents


1.   Aquaspace Water Systems

1.1 Why are you called AQUASPACE?

1.2 How is the AQUASPACE technology different from Reverse Osmosis or Distillation?

1.3 Why AQUASPACE instead of the competitors?

1.4 What does the word “media” and “compound” mean?

1.5 How long do the filters last?


2.   The "Big Three"

2.1 What does the Aquaspace Compound do? What filters can it be found in?

2.2 What does the Fluoride & Heavy Metals Compound do? What filters can it be found in?

2.3 What does the Microbial Reduction Ceramic filter do? What filters can it be found in?


3.   What’s in your water?

3.1 What are some of the chemicals in my water, and where do they come from?

3.2 How can I test my water?

3.3 Why is fluoride bad? Isn’t it good for my teeth?

3.4 What are activated alumina and bone char?

3.5 What is adsorption?

3.6 If there is no fluoride in my water, do I still need the Fluoride & Heavy Metal Reduction filter?

3.7 What are some heavy metals in my water?


4.   Alkaline Water

4.1 What is Alkaline water?

4.2 What are the possible health benefits of alkaline water?

4.3 How does it work?

4.4 What does the bicarbonate in our blood do?

4.5 Can you drink alkaline water and eat at the same time?


5.   Aquatomic Magnets

5.1 What is the AQUATOMIC series and how can magnets improve my health?

5.2 Why are smaller clusters of water good?

5.3 How long does the process take?

5.4 What kind of magnets do you use?

5.5 How long do the magnets last?

5.6 Is there really a difference between North pole magnetized water and South pole magnetized water?

5.7 What container can I use them on?

5.8 Fun Fact: Can it really aerate my wine faster?


6.   Carafe

6.1 Is my Carafe filter still good in emergency situations?

6.2 My Carafe filter seems clogged, is there anything I can do about it?

6.3 Is ingesting Carbon ok?


7.   Sink

7.1 What’s the difference between the under-the-sink and countertop?

7.2 Can i switch from countertop to under-the-sink?

7.3 What is the difference between chrome and brushed nickel faucets?


8.   Whole House

8.1 What’s the difference between filtering water at the Point-of-Entry (POE) such as a whole house filter and the Point-of-Use such as a sink unit or carafe pitcher?

8.2 Which is better POE or POU?

8.3 How much electricity will be used for a Whole House tank?


9.   Shower Filters

9.1 Do I really need a shower filter?

9.2 Will my shower lose pressure with a filter on it? Will it still be hot enough?

9.3 What is the difference between the SF-100 and the SF-350?

9.4 How much water will I use from my shower in a year?

9.5 What is the KDF bacteriostatic blend?


10. Additional Questions

10.1 What product is right for me?

10.2 What is sediment?

10.3 Which filters do you recommend for filtering sediment?

10.4 What is a micron? How does it pertain to sediment in my water?

10.5 What is ORP?

10.6 Why is lower (negative) ORP better?

10.7 What does Capacity, Flow Rate, and Max. Pressure mean?

10.8 Are the products easy to install?




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