Aqua ION™ pH Test Kit

Aqua ION™ pH Test Kit
  • Product: Aqua ION™ pH Test Kit
  • Model: AI-200

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Aqua ION™ pH Test Kit, comes in 2 of 10 ml. bottle and vial, is designed for quick testing of various water sources including Water Ionizers, Industry, agriculture, aquiculture, healthcare, environment and domestic water.

Why Aqua ION?
There are usually two ways of determining pH value, which have been used for years: one is to use pH test strips, the other is to use pH testers.  The former is of lower precision, greater error and unreliable result, and especially incapable in testing weak buffer solutions and acid or alkaline solutions which are of excessively low concentration.  Although the latter is more accurate, the apparatus involved are expensive, with complicated and demanding operation, making testing process inconvenient.  The researchers of Aquaspace and Alkalife have after years of in-depth study, successfully developed a new pH test kit, under the brand Aqua ION™. This kit, by overcoming the drawbacks of the above 2 traditional pH testing methods, can achieve better and reliable results with greatly simplified operation and lowered the testing costs.

How does AQUA ION work?
AQUA ION uses specific high-sensitivity reagents, to show a variety of colors under different pH values.  It is capable of testing any colorless (clear liquid) acid or alkaline solutions which in pH 4-10.

Included in box:
Reagent: 10 ml bottle (2 pcs.)
Colorimetric Tube (Vial)
Colorimetric Card
Users Manual

Package: LDPE Bottle, Carton
Standard: QB-TCS-WTR-2011
Product Life: 1 year
Store: Store in a cool place and keep away from children
Manufacturer: Aquaspace Water Systems

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